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Good News: Dreams Do Come True!!! #LLINBH♥

November 1, 2013

Good News:  Dreams Do Come True!!! #LLINBH♥

Happy Friday Ari Speakers, Dreamchasers, and GoalGetters!!!

Good news!!! It’s finally finished. So I will be doing spontaneous dances all day long! LOL!!! (To be honest, I’m not sure it has totally hit me yet.) This is really CRAZY!

Anyway my loves, thanks for sharing this journey with me. You are THE BEST! And I am excited about where we’re going, cuz it ain’t ova yet!!! It’s going to be completely amazing!

Next stop editing, then publishing, and marketing! Right now, I’ll pause briefly to celebrate, giving God thanks!

Love yall!

My Book Is FINISHED!!! WIN!!!

October 29, 2013

Rockin’ my KC Chiefs hoodie ’cause I’m a winner! (& so are you!)



Well…almost!  Gotcha!  But I am reaaaaaaally close to putting the final touches on my manuscript.  Sure, after my draft is done it will still have to be edited, revised, polished, polished again, and then finally published.  This all could take another couple of months, but this moment has been a year in the making and I plan to celebrate the milestones along the way!  Thursday, October 31 is my deadline and I WILL meet it.  I PROMISE to post on FRIDAY morning and share about my success!  Who’s gonna celebrate with me?  If nothing else, please check back and HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!!!

Writing Flow #LLINBH

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I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!!  Thank you guys for being patient with me on the blog as I’ve been away, busy writing–you know, chasing my dreams!  I cannot tell you the joy, passion, purpose, and love this book project has inspired inside me.  As I’ve shared before, the book is all about how to heal from heartbreak.  Though it’s no tell-all, I pour out my heart as we trek together through my journey of healing from heartbreak.  There is a way to do it and I know how.  I cannot WAIT,  absolutely CANNOT WAIT for you to read it!!! :D 

This. Is. Happening.  That’s why I used the title, “My Book Is FINISHED!!!”  It is my way of speaking my destiny into being.  Words have power.  And I choose to use my words to speak success (among other good things) into my life and into the lives of others, including YOU!!!  Hence, ARI SPEAKS!

So I’m dying to know.  What success stories are you or will you begin speaking into your life?  For there is certainly an undeniable greatness in you!  What dreams are you Read more…

Prayer In The Midst Of The Chaos of A Government Shutdown

October 8, 2013

ariAri Speakers!!!

It’s been a minute, so I thought I’d check in. So much has happened in my life over the past few weeks.  I traveled to St. Louis for a SPEAKing engagement.  It was awesome! (Link coming soon!) I’m getting closer to finishing the book. REALLY CLOSE!!! (More to come on that soon too!) So most things have been great, but nothing has been more challenging and irritating than this federal government shutdown happening in the U.S. I have very strong political views about this, but I won’t spiil them here. Rather I’d like to share this inspiring video of the Senate’s Chaplain’s prayer.

What a timely reminder that in the midst of our chaos, no matter what it is, we should pray.  God hears the prayers of God’s children.

Join with me in praying for our leaders and all the federal employees and families hurting the most during this time.

Love, Ari (Frustrated Goverment Employee)

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Ari Writes!!! Birthing My Dream (And How You Can Too!)

September 11, 2013

An image I posted to my Instagram account (@arispeaks) after my sorority sister shared this word of encouragement with me!

Greetings Ari Speakers!!!

I have great news!  My book is really taking shape!  I have over 30, 000 words, which is somewhere around 130 pages!  That is CraZY!!!  Very soon, I’ll be able to tell you where you can purchase it!  WOOOHOOO!!!  This has been an amazing experience!   Everyday I write I’m getting closer to making my dream a reality.  So I wanted to stop by and share some things I’ve learned along the way about how you can do just that!

Devotion.  I have come to realize that I simply cannot complete this project with God.  God gave the inspiration, sent resources, and support, and I need God every step of the way.  So my writing always begins with devotion, inviting God into my writing process.  I ask God every time to show me, direct me, and lead me as I write.

Discipline.  I do the best I can to write something (anything!) EVERYDAY.  Currently, I wake up early so that I can write for an hour or so before I go to work.  Some days are shorter or longer depending on the need.  The point is that I must keep chipping away at the sculpture until it becomes a masterpiece.  No excuses.  Just write.

Sabbath.  Sometimes you have to shut the world out for a few days in order to be fruitful.  So I extended the Labor Day weekend, taking off work Friday and Tuesday, so that I had a total of five days.  I was excused from church duties, work, and I even vowed not to attend social events with family and friends.  I holed myself up in my apartment and only slept (long), prayed, and wrote.  Occasionally, I came up for air and did something fun and relaxing for myself to get re-energized.  Then I got right back in the zone.  I added over 7,000 words to my book during that weekend.

Flexibility. Remain open to Read more…

In Gratitude: The March On Washington 50 Years Later

August 29, 2013

As many of you know, yesterday, August 28, 2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington For Jobs And Freedom. This of course, was a most historic day in our country’s history when leaders of numberous organizations, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Roy Wilkins), The National Urban League (Whitney Young), Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (John Lewis), Congress on Racial Equality (James Farmer), Southern Christian Leadership Council (Dr. Martin Luther King), Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (A. Phillip Randolph), and others led hundreds of thousands to march and rally together for jobs and freedom.  It was about demanding more for Black folks.  It was a clarion call for equality, fair treatment, and advancement for everyone. 

Original March Program from

Original March Program from

I don’t have to tell you the lasting influence of the March.  I won’t carry on about laws passed (Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act) as a result of their efforts.  I will not SPEAK at length about the beautiful dream Dr. King envisioned and shared with the world that day.  Today, to my foremothers and forefathers, I simply want to say,

“Thank you.”  Read more…

“I’m Not Your Superwoman!”

August 23, 2013

 So I have this problem where I think I’m superwoman.  I am constantly convincing myself that I can achieve everything, today, without assistance.  I over-commit, under-achieve, and often feel guilty about all the things I could not accomplish at the end of the day.  Then the next day rolls around and I start the vicious cycle all over again.  **sigh**

Case in point.

It was Friday, two weeks ago, and I was planning to go into the office on Saturday morning to take advantage of the optional overtime.  Normally, that would’ve been fine, but I also had a mandatory church meeting that day, a bachelorette party to attend, and perhaps a little book writing to do…it was sure to be a full day.  So I had convinced myself that I would get to work at 7am, work until 10, head to church and be 15 minutes late for the 10 am planning meeting, drop my bookbags off at the church back to school give away, leave by noon, go back to work and stay til 3, meet my friends downtown around 3ish to hang for the bachelorette festivities, hang out late with the girls, and then get home, sleep, and be up and present at 8am church service, then head down to volunteer at a different Back To School event at 10am for 8 hours or so.  In my mind, this was totally doable.  By Friday, though, I decided not to do the bachelorette party to conserve my funds, so with that change of plans, I was certain that I could get everything done. 

Then on Saturday morning, it happened.  I overslept.  Not only did I wake up so late that I missed work at 7, but it was 9:15am!  At this point, I wasn’t even sure that I would make the church planning meeting on time.  I still needed to get dressed, do my hair, drop off my recycling (forgot to mention that above), purchase two more backpacks for the giveaway (that too), and then drive to the meeting… YIKES!!!  Where would I find the time?  And more than that, I was SUPER MAD that I had missed overtime!  SUPER. MAD.  Even though it was clear to me that my body needed the rest, I was ANGRY that it had refused to go the distance with me!  It was like a betrayal!  Lord, knows I could’ve put that extra money to good use!  But I didn’t make it to work the overtime because my body had let me down…or had it?

I’m sure I waisted another 20 minutes fuming around my house, in disbelief that I had slept so late.  Normally, I can shake things off, but this time I couldn’t. I was mad!  Really mad.  This went on for a while.  Knowing that it wouldn’t be healthy to remain this upset all day, I decided to call the one person that can calm me down and tell me “it’ll be okay” when I’ve disappointed myself–my mom.  (She’s awesome.)  But right before I dialed her number I saw this on my Facebook news feed…

Image Credit: The AJ Zone Facebook Page (A.J. Johnson)

Image Credit: The AJ Zone Facebook Page (A.J. Johnson)

Big, huge, sigh. 


Apparently, I’m Read more…

Pick Your Friends Carefully…

July 25, 2013

Hey Ari Speakers!


Image Source: FB account

Food for thought…

As my father would say…

“A word to the wise is sufficient.”



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